Building on the expertise and experience of the Centre for Social Marketing (established in 1993), the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University established a research unit in October 2008 named the Sprott Centre for Social Enterprises / Centre Sprott pour les entreprises sociales (SCSE-CSES).


To advance the field of social enterprises* through knowledge development and knowledge dissemination.

*Social enterprises are defined as “organizations created to pursue social missions or purposes that operate to create community benefit regardless of ownership or legal structure and with various degrees of financial self sufficiency, innovation and social transformation” (Brouard, Hebb and Madill, 2008).

Objectives of the SCSE-CSES include:

  • producing research on different aspects of social enterprises
  • encouraging connections and partnerships with other researchers on social enterprises and with practitioners working in the social enterprises community
  • encouraging graduate students to select social enterprises as a field of interest
  • disseminating information on social enterprises activities in Canada
  • promoting social enterprises within the Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario and Canadian communities
  • providing training and education in social enterprises concepts and skills

Contact Us

François Brouard, DBA, FCPA, FCA Director, Sprott Centre for Social Enterprises / Directeur, Centre Sprott pour les entreprises sociales Sprott School of Business, Carleton University scse-cses@sprott.carleton.ca Twitter: @SCSE_CSES