Established in 1984, the Research Centre for Technology Management (RCTM) conducts and disseminates research on issues related to management of technology and e-Business. The Centre is based at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business.

The RCTM research activities are organized in two research groups:

E-Business Research Group

The research group is dedicated to responding to the needs of the New Economy and carries out research activities around e-Business. Over ten faculty members and twice the number of doctoral and research-based masters’ students at the Sprott School who are actively engaged in e-business research constitute this research group.

Their research focus primarily on three themes:

  • Managing Enterprise Systems
  • Strategy, Structure and Organizational Issues in E-commerce
  • Considerations for Finance in E-Commerce Era

Innovation Management Group

The focus of this Research Group is on managing technology innovation, transfer, adoption and diffusion processes from both the user and the producer perspectives. The group is composed of several faculty members and graduate students who possess the analytical and methodological expertise resulting from theoretical training and extensive industry experience.

Their research focus primarily on four themes:

  • Managing Technology Transfer
  • Managing Diffusion Processes
  • Managing Innovation Processes
  • Managing International Expansion of Technology-based Firms

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