The International Business Study Group was established in 1984 to conduct, co-ordinate, and disseminate the results of research in international business.

The Group’s activities revolve around a four-point conceptual framework that (a) stresses research on the global competitiveness of the firm within the bounds of good corporate citizenship; (b) focuses on the international expansion of firms through exports, direct investment, and other modes of foreign entry; (c) studies issues related to international firms overall, with a special interest in Canadian firms operating abroad and foreign firms in Canada; and (d) recognizes the importance of Canada-U.S. economic relations, while also considering Canada’s need to diversify its international trade and investment relationships.

Recent major studies by IBSG faculty members include research on decision-making processes in multinational firms, country branding and buyer perceptions about products of foreign origin, methods for selecting foreign markets for expansion, sociotechnical problems in less-developed countries, Canadian exports, factors affecting foreign direct investment decisions, culture and its impact in international business, and several other topics. Research is funded through member or institutional grants or contracts with various public and private sector organizations.

To disseminate research results, IBSG organizes conferences, workshops, and similar events, assists the Sprott School of Business in internationalizing the curriculum of its various programs (e.g., recent additions of courses and specializations at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral level), and supports individual research publications by its members, where needed, through mentoring and other collaborations within the group and with associated researchers elsewhere.

Members of IBSG actively pursue the development of external links internationally and in Canada. Activities in this area include research and other linkages with foreign scholars visiting Carleton, and visits abroad and international projects by IBSG faculty members, involving more than 25 countries. On-going interactions are maintained with scholars affiliated both with universities linked to the Sprott School of Business through formal exchange agreements and with several other universities and related institutions worldwide.

IBSG Director: Dr. Nicolas Papadopoulos, Professor of Marketing and International Business