We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only successful candidates will be contacted.

This competition will close on April 26, 2019

These two courses only are offered for the Certificate in Nunavut Public Services Studies (CNPSS)

taught on location at the Nunavut Sivuniksavut Program Office, 450 Rideau Street, Ottawa (daytime only)


BUSI1001 Principles of Financial Accounting

BUSI2101 Organizational Behaviour

Accounting  FALL WINTER 
BUSI1005 Managerial Accounting for Business Students X
BUSI3005 Taxation I X
BUSI3007 Auditing I X X
BUSI3008 Intermediate Management Accounting and Control X
BUSI2204 Basic Marketing X X
BUSI2208 Introduction to Marketing X
BUSI4203 Marketing in Not-For-Profit Organizations X
BUSI4205 International Marketing Strategy X
BUSI4208 Marketing Management X
BUSI4209 Consumer Culture Theory X
BUSI3500 Applied Corporate Finance X
BUSI3512 Derivatives X
BUSI4502 Portfolio Management X
BUSI4504 International Finance X
BUSI4505 Global Financial Markets and Institutions X
BUSI4515 Micro Finance X
BUSI3600 Entrepreneurial Strategies X
International Business    
BUSI2701 Fundamentals of International Business X
BUSI2703 Introduction to International Business X X
BUSI3700 Cross-cultural Communication X X
BUSI3703 International and Comparative Management X
BUSI3704 The Environment of International Business X
BUSI4707 Regionalism and Globalization X
BUSI4708 International Expansion and Operations X
BUSI4710 International New Ventures X
BUSI4717 Managing Globalization in Emerging Economies X
Supply Chain Management    
BUSI2301 Introduction to Operations Management X X
BUSI3309 Project Management X X
BUSI4331 E-Supply Chain and Technology Management X
BUSI4607 Management of Technology and Innovation X
Information Systems    
BUSI1402 Introduction to Business Information and Communication Technologies X
BUSI2400 Foundations of Information Systems X X
BUSI2402 Business Applications Development X
BUSI3400 Data and Information Management X
BUSI3405 Enterprise Architecture X
BUSI4404 IT Infrastructure X
BUSI4406 Business Analytics X
BUSI2121 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour X
BUSI3103 Introduction to Organization Theory X
BUSI3602 Designing Organizational Systems: An Overview X
BUSI4601 Business Ethics X
BUSI2601 Business Law X X
BIT2001 Introduction to Business X X
BIT2002 Marketing in the IT Sector X X
ACCT5001 Financial Accounting X
ACCT5002 Managerial Accounting X
ACCT5011 Financial Statement Analysis X
ACCT5012 Performance Measurement and Control X
BUSI5108 Sustainable Business Development X
MGMT5111 Conflict and Negotiation X
MGMT5112 Power and Influence X
MGMT5113 Managing Teams X
MGMT5114 Managing Diversity X
MGMT5116 Managing Performance X
BUSI5802 Business Ethics X
BUSI5106 Business Case Analysis and Presentations X
MKTG5200 Marketing Strategy X
Supply Chain Management
TOMS5302 Operations Management X
TOMS5303 Managing Projects X
TOMS5305 International Development Projects Preparation & Formulation X
TOMS5314 Supply Chain Management X
Information Systems
ITIS5408 Social Analytics X
ITIS5414 Emerging Information Technologies and Business Innovation X
ITIS5433 Business Analytics Methods X
FINA5521 Financial Management Concentration Integration X
International Business
IDMG5610 Introduction to International Development X
IBUS5701 International Business X X
IBUS5711 International Marketing and Trade X
IBUS5712 Business and Government in Emerging Economies X
IBUS5713 Doing Business in the United States X
IBUS5716 Management of International Business X
IBUS5721 Regional and Global Business Strategies Concentration Integration X
Master of Accounting (MACC)
ACCT5124 Data Analytics X
ACCT5128 Strategy for Professional Accountants X
ACCT5137 Professional Accounting Cases II X


The following courses have been assigned to graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, or visiting scholars.  These courses are not open for applications but the department will contact the most senior incumbent to review their rights under Article 17.6 of the CUPE 4600-2 Collective Agreement.


Article 17

  • BUSI2505 Business Finance II
  • BUSI3102 Introduction to Human Resources Management
  • BUSI3103 Introduction to Organization Theory
  • BUSI3209 Consumer Behaviour
  • BUSI4005 Taxation II
  • BUSI4104 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • BUSI4229/MKTG5229 Marketing in the Arts and Culture Sectors