Accounting FALL WINTER
BUSI2002 Intermediate Accounting II X
BUSI3001 Accounting for Business Combinations X
BUSI3005 Taxation I X
BUSI3007 Auditing I X X
BUSI4005 Taxation II X X
Marketing Fall Winter
BUSI4203 Marketing in Not-for-Profit Organizations X
BUSI4205 International Marketing Strategy X
BUSI4208 Marketing Management X
Finance Fall Winter
BUSI2504 Business Finance I X
BUSI2505 Business Finance II X X
BUSI4510 Mergers and Acquisitions X
BUSI4515 Micro Finance (cross-listed with FINA5515) X
Entrepreneurship Fall Winter
BUSI2800 Entrepreneurship X
BUSI3600 Entrepreneurial Strategies X
BUSI3611 Managing the Family Enterprise X
International Business Fall Winter
BUSI1701 Introduction to International Business X
BUSI2701 Fundamentals of International Business X X
BUSI3700 Cross-cultural Communication X X
BUSI3703 International & Comparative Management X
BUSI3704 International Business Environment X
BUSI4705 Ethics and Cross-cultural Interaction X X
BUSI4706 International Human Resource Management X
BUSI4707 Regionalism and Globalization X
BUSI4708 International Expansion & Operations X
BUSI4709 Strategic Management for International Business X
BUSI4717 Managing Globalization in Emerging Economies X
Supply Chain Management Fall Winter
BUSI2301 Introduction to Operations Managements X X
BUSI3308 Simulation Methods in Business X
BUSI3309 Project Management X
BUSI4302 Management of Quality X
BUSI4331 E-Supply Chain Technology & Management X
BUSI4607 Management Technology and Innovation X
Information Systems Fall Winter
BUSI1402 Intro to Business Info & Comm Technologies X
BUSI3405 Enterprise Architecture X
Management Fall Winter
BUSI2121 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour X
BUSI3602 Designing Organizational Systems: An Overview X
BUSI4104 Strategic Human Resources Management X
BUSI4601 Business Ethics X
BUSI4602 Women in Management X
BUSI4609 Strategic Management X X
Other Fall Winter
BUSI1800 Introduction to Business X X
BUSI2601 Business Law X X
BIT2001 Introduction to Business X X
BIT2002 Marketing in the IT Sector X X


ACCT5002 Managerial Accounting X
ACCT5011 Financial Statement Analysis X
ACCT5012 Performance Measurement and Control X
BUSI5106 Business Case Analysis and Presentations X
BUSI5803 Managerial Economics X
FINA5511 Investments X
FINA5513 Mergers and Acquisitions X
FINA5514 International Finance X
FINA5515 Micro Finance (cross-listed with BUSI4515) X
FINA5521 Financial Management Concentration Integration X
IBUS5711 International Marketing and Trade X
IBUS5713 Doing Business in the United States X
IBUS5715 Foreign Markets: Selection, Assessment and Entry Strategies X
IBUS5721 Regional & Global Business Strategies Conc Integration X
IDMG5610 Introduction to International Development X
MGMT5112 Power and Influence X
MGMT5113 Managing Teams X
MGMT5115 Leadership X
MGMT5116 Managing Performance X
MGMT5117 Knowledge Management X
STGY5900 Corporate and Business Strategy X X
TOMS5303 Managing Projects X
TOMS5305 Int Develop. Projects Preparation & Formulation X
TOMS5314 Supply Chain Management X
ACCT5127 Management Consulting X
ACCT5137 Professional Accounting Cases II X
BUSI5906 Special Topics: Strategic Analysis for Professional Accountants X