The Sprott School of Business Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes one full-time faculty member and one contract instructor for their commitment to student advising and engagement, curriculum development, and design and delivery of exceptional educational experiences for Sprott undergraduate and/or graduate students.

Faculty Recipients

2019 – Leighann Nielson
2018 – Isaac Otchere

Contract Instructor Recipients

2019 – Ahmad Teymouri
2018 – Tom Duxbury


The Sprott Excellence in Teaching Award is presented annually. Each recipient will receive a $1,500 one-time honorarium. Each recipient will be expected to serve on the selection committee, for the next 1-2 years following the receipt of this award.

Criteria for the Award

All candidates are rated according to their past record of teaching excellence, which is demonstrated by:

  • Statement of teaching philosophy
  • Evidence of positive impact on student learning and engagement
  • Description of curriculum development


This award is open to all faculty members and contract instructors at Sprott School of Business. Past recipients are eligible to re-apply five years after receipt of the Sprott Excellence in Teaching Award (e.g. if the recipient was successful in 2018, they will be eligible to apply again in 2023).

Nomination Process

The Dean will call for nominations in February/March. Candidates may self-nominate. All nomination packages must be submitted using the electronic form below to Deborah Casselman by March 20. Award winners will be announced by the Dean by the end of the academic year.

Selection Committee

The selection committee for the Sprott Excellence in Teaching Award is chaired by an Associate Dean. In addition to the Associate Dean, the selection committee membership will consist of between two and three other members (faculty and or contract instructors), including past recipients of the Sprott Excellence in Teaching Award. The selection committee will make its recommendation to the Dean.

Submissions Package

Whether by peer or self-nomination, the submission should contain the following:

  • An application form is attached.
  • A statement of your teaching philosophy
  • A record of recent teaching evaluations. Up to three years of teaching evaluations will be considered.
  • You may include, but are not required to include, unsolicited student feedback and/or student comments submitted as part of the teaching evaluation process. Candidates are NOT encouraged to solicit letters from students or anyone else.

Please note: The maximum length for the application is 5 pages, excluding the application form. Applications that exceed this limit will NOT be considered by the adjudication committee.

Sprott School of Business Excellence in Teaching Award Application Form

Nominations are currently closed.