Minor in Human Resources and Management for B.A. Honours Psychology (5.0 credits)

Please note: this minor will be available as of Fall 2019


The Minor in Human Resources and Management is open only students pursuing Bachelor of Arts Honours with a Major in Psychology.

To add this minor, students must have (i) completed at least 4.0 credits toward their Bachelor of Arts Honours with a Major in Psychology program requirements with a minimum overall CGPA of 7.00; and (ii) successfully completed PSYC 2801 prior to entry in to the Minor, with a minimum grade of B+.

Note: PSYC 3801 must be successfully completed prior to taking any of the 4000-level BUSI courses listed in the Minor.


Course Code Course Title
1.0 credits in:
PSYC 2801 [0.5] Organizational Psychology I
PSYC 3801 [0.5] Organizational Psychology II
1.0 credits in:
BUSI 3102 [0.5] Introduction to Human Resources Management
BUSI 3103 [0.5] Introduction to Organization Theory
2.0 credits in:
BUSI 3104 [0.5] Managing Individual Performance
BUSI 3105 [0.5] Managing and Motivating Teams
BUSI 3106 [0.5] Managing Conflict and Negotiation
BUSI 4104 [0.5] Strategic Human Resources Management
BUSI 4105 [0.5] Managing Change
BUSI 4112 [0.5] Organizational Leadership
0.5 credits in:
BUSI 2204 [0.5] Basic Marketing
0.5 credits in:
BUSI 2800 [0.5] Entrepreneurship
BUSI 3209 [0.5] Consumer Behaviour

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