Research shows that strong teams have strong leadership. Effective team leaders see leadership as a role, not a position. They see their role as serving team members as they, in turn, serve the team task. This workshop explores the role of leadership in creating and maintaining high-performance teams; it recognizes that productive teams are central to the effectiveness and productivity of the entire organization. Leaders have responsibility for developing and sustaining teams, and ensuring that the individual and collective efforts of the members are directed towards strategic goals.

Program Content

High-Performance Teams

  • Context for team leadership
  • Groups and teams: what makes them different
  • Stages of team development: the TD wheel
  • The elements of an effective team and an effective team member
  • Characteristics of high-performance teams

Processes and Ideas for Winning Teams

  • Choosing leadership styles (situational leadership)
  • Motivation and behaviour
  • Group problem-solving and leadership styles
  • Creating a motivating environment
  • Influencing other

Processes and Ideas for Making Teams Work

  • Team process tools
  • Decision-making involvement
  • Analyzing decision-making situations
  • The role of team leaders
  • Overcoming barriers to teamwork

What You Will Learn

  • Identify the key characteristics of an effective team leader
  • Recognize the role and influence of leadership in promoting team success
  • Adapt your leadership style to reflect the specific stage of team development, in order to:
    • Maintain your team’s motivation and productivity
    • Facilitate your team’s movement through all four stages of team development
    • Use personal motivation and interaction styles to influence team performance, using the situational leadership model
    • Identify the critical elements that determine team performance and success
    • Use the process for getting teams started and moving them through the task accomplishment cycle

Who Should Attend

Team leaders, project managers, supervisors, and managers who need to build, direct, inspire, and motivate teams

This course is also available for in-house management training

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Program Information

    Course Dates

    • April 20-21, 2020

    Course Hours

    • 8:30am-4:30pm


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    • Certificate of completion

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