Quality of life turns on the quality of our interpersonal relationships and interpersonal skills are key to building relationships. The twin skills of active listening and assertive communication enable you to effectively influence others; provide clear feedback; negotiate terms of engagement; and engage in meaningful dialogue. The principle of respect and understanding is integral to the content.

This program emphasizes self-awareness – building on participants’ work and personal experiences, making it both practical and relevant. You will learn to use a model for creating clear and effective statements of your ideas and preferences; how to manage expectations by the judicious use of “no”; and how to listen for meaning. Teaching methodologies include self-assessments, case studies, practice and coaching.

Program Content

  • Practical applications of interpersonal communication including giving feedback, articulating ideas, negotiating wants and needs
  • Managing time, energy and resources through the judicious use of “no”
  • Self diagnosis of personal communication style
  • The power of verbal and non verbal assertiveness
  • A model of interpersonal communication
  • How to listen for understanding and meaning
  • How to manage feelings in interpersonal dialogue
  • How to listen with your eyes
  • Culture and communication
  • Five key skills for effective communication

What You Will Learn

  • What complicates communication
  • 5 key skills to make listening work effectively
  • How to decode and listen to non verbal communication
  • How to increase your personal influence though listening and effectively articulating your wants and preferences
  • Skills to distinguish relevant facts and feelings in order to proceed from common understanding
  • How to plan and initiate dialogue about issues important to you
  • How to reduce interpersonal conflict

Who Should Attend

  • Team members
  • Team leaders and supervisors
  • Managers
  • Individuals wishing to improve their quality of life

This course is also available for in-house management training customprograms@sprott.carleton.ca


Brochure 2019-2020

Program Information

    Course Dates

    March 18, 2020

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    $695 + HST

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    • Course material
    • Certificate of completion

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