I’m a Sprott student. How can I help?

To get started, we’ll need to know a little about you. Complete the form below to provide information about your program, your area of study, work/volunteer experience, and availability. Someone will get in touch within a few days to finalize details, then we’ll begin the onboarding process.

Why participate in the Crisis Management & Recovery initiative?

Most importantly, you’ll be supporting businesses and non-profits in the national capital region.  Other key benefits include:

  • Access to the Sprott Crisis Management and Recovery Certificate course, with a full fee waiver, and;
  • Relevant, timely consulting experience that will help you to build your resume.

What will I learn in the Crisis Management and Recovery Certificate course?

The CMR Certificate is a new, non-credit offering from the Sprott School of Business, developed with COVID-19 in mind. It focuses on building knowledge and skills needed to (a) survive financially during a crisis, (b) manage people and organizations during difficult times, and (c) transform the business to make it more resilient and sustainable.

After completing the Certificate, you will:

  1. Understand the characteristics of pandemics and their effects on businesses;
  2. Understand the key principles of crisis management and the different approaches used to manage crises;
  3. Be familiar with specific tools that organizations use for applied crisis management;
  4. Be able to work effectively in teams during a crisis;
  5. Be able to apply critical thinking in an unstable and unpredictable environment;
  6. Know how to plan for continuity and resumption of business while the crisis is still active, and;
  7. Understand factors that make organizations resilient, and how to build resilience into organizations.

What else do I need to know about the CMR Certificate course?

The course includes 60 hours of preparation (delivered online via a combination of live and asynchronous learning), along with practical, project-based work.  It is specifically designed for individuals responsible for overseeing their organization’s response to crises.

Course dates: May 4 to June 11, 2020

Scheduled class time: Mondays 2:305:30 p.m. (includes lecture, discussion and presentations).  Attendance is mandatory.

Additional prerecorded videos for the week will be available online and will be viewable at any time.  There will also be readings and online exercises to complete on your own.

What is Project-Based and Service Learning?

Through Sprott’s project-based and service learning enterprise, students have the opportunity to earn academic credit (BUSI 4905, BUSI 5900) and work as a consultant for real businesses and community organizations. Students work in teams while developing professional experience, strengthening their resume and network, and gaining exposure to different industries. Students in this course are graded based on engagement with the project and team, the presentation of your final report to the client and a short, final personal reflection.

Sprott Undergraduate Students

Any student enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of International Business is eligible to participate in the Crisis Management and Recovery initiative. Students may be in any year of their program. Depending on their level of involvement, participants may also be eligible for course credit in BUSI 4905 B (Project-Based and Service Learning).

Graduating BCom/BIB students may also qualify for direct entry to Sprott’s Accelerated MBA program (subject to admission requirements). Involvement in the CMR initiative, with a minimum of 400 work hours, satisfies the requirements for the MBA Internship, meaning that qualifying students can complete all MBA degree requirements by April 2021, and only pay program fees for the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 academic terms. For more information, please contact the MBA admissions team at mba@sprott.carleton.ca.

Sprott MBA Students

Participation in the Crisis Management and Recovery initiative, in conjunction with the standard deliverables, satisfies the requirements of the MBA Internship (BUSI 5999).  Students who are not in the internship stream, but still want to participate in the CMR initiative, are eligible to receive credit in BUSI 5900 A (Project-Based and Service Learning) provided that their contribution is sufficient to meet course learning goals.

Students enrolled in other programs at Carleton

If you’re a Carleton student enrolled in a program outside of Sprott, but want to get involved, let us know! We are actively looking at ways to mobilize the skills and talents of the entire Carleton community. We are particularly interested in individuals who have prior experience starting or running a business.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions before filling out the registration form, please email pbsl@carleton.ca.

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