Registration for Sprott Competes Tryouts

Registration will close at midnight on Friday, September 20, 2019.

Eligibility Requirements for 2019/20: Students are eligible to register for Sprott Competes Tryouts if they meet at least one of the following eligibility criteria: completion of BUSI 3800, previous case competition experience, or permission of the Sprott Competes Coordinator.

Case Competition Team Availability: Practices and meetings are set to occur on Monday afternoons and evenings – please indicate any concerns you have with this scheduling in your registration.

Questions: If you have any questions, or would prefer the application form in PDF format, please contact Caitlind Anderson.

Registration Form: Available here – please note: you will need to log in with your Carleton account to access the form.


Getting involved in Sprott Competes can begin as soon as your campus life starts and continue even past your graduation. Getting involved while you are in your undergraduate program can be a rich and rewarding experience. Involvement in case competitions is a great addition to any resume. Sprott Competes can also be officially noted on your Carleton co-curricular record.

Preparing: First and Second Year

First and second year students can get their feet wet in the case competition program in a number of different ways. The Skill-Building Workshops offered through the Sprott Business Students Society (SBSS) or getting involved in Sprott DECA are two excellent options to get started in case competitions. We also recommend that you plan ahead and ensure that BUSI 3800 is a top priority for your course selection!

Learning: BUSI 3800

BUSI 3800 is offered in the winter term, and is available to second, third, or fourth year students. This course will teach the ins and outs of case analysis and developing viable solutions. Check if you meet the requirements and apply to take BUSI 3800 on the Sprott registration website.

Competing: Applying for Competitions

Third and fourth year students have an amazing opportunity to be involved in Sprott Competes.  Once you have completed BUSI 3800, you can sign up to tryout for the competition teams.


Business Case competitions can enhance your experience at Sprott as they are a fantastic learning opportunity and can help you to stand out in the job market.  The MBA competitions teams are organized through the MBA Association.  These are outstanding networking and social events, that are restricted to students enrolled in a Canadian MBA program.

The gateway to participating in student case competitions on the graduate level is BUSI 5106.


We love to have our Sprott Competes alumni back to help our current competitors. You provide valuable insight as to what it means to be at a competition that is important to share with our new cohort. If you are interested in mentoring a team, or judging tryouts or an internal competition, please contact the Sprott Competes Coordinator, Caitlind Anderson.

We also welcome Sprott alumni who weren’t part of a case competition to help out our current students as mentors or practice judges. We would be happy to talk with you about your experience and how you might help our teams train.


If you are interested in getting to know students who are both academically strong and who also have great presentation, teamwork and leadership skills, being involved with Sprott Competes is the answer! You could judge our tryouts or an internal competition. Alternatively, we could pair a Sprott Competes team up with a coach/mentor from your organization.

We are also looking for sponsors to support our program – both sponsors of the overall Sprott Competes program as well as team sponsors for specific competitions. Sponsorship benefits can include website advertisement, swag advertisement, and networking events with the Sprott Competes Teams. We can work with you to build a sponsorship package that fits your business.

Please contact Caitlind Anderson to discuss what level of involvement best suits you.