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MBA Games

Competition dates
January 2-5, 2017

Recruiting begins
September 2016

Nanaimo BC, Vancouver Island University

Coaches are industry leaders and Sprott MBA professors

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MBA games logoIn the year of ‘88, the prestigious annual event that would come to become known by all Canadian MBA candidates as MBA Games, was born. Originating at Queen’s University, MBA Games is a world class three day event with over 20 participating Canadian MBA schools and 700 plus participants, making it the largest annual MBA gathering in the country.

Over the three day event, teams representing their respective schools’ compete in the categories of academics, athletics, and spirit. The winning team takes home the renowned Queen’s Cup and is given the honour of hosting MBA Games the following year.

For general information about the competition, visit the MBA Games website.

For general inquiries about the competition, recruitment and participation, please contact the Sprott MBA Games Executive Committee at: sprottmbagames@gmail.com.


MBA Games 2017 will host four business cases, with past subject topics such as Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Human Resources, Sustainability and Accounting. The 2017 MBA Games subject topics will be released in Fall 2016. Case materials will be developed with strategic partners and give MBA students the opportunity to solve problems that will have a positive impact on businesses and communities across Canada.


Featuring four athletic competitions, MBA Games 2017 will emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork. Schools will compete against each other with passion and integrity, with the aim of building long lasting relationships through sport.


MBA Games 2017 will encourage teams to express the spirit of their own school while embodying a spirit of collaboration with other schools to foster relationships and develop a sense of community among Canadian MBA students. A key component of the spirit competition will involve raising money for a selected national charity to inspire teams to have a direct impact in their respective communities.

Sprott MBA Games Executive Committee:

Co-captain academic: Alice Zhang
Co-captain sport/spirit: Melanie Judges
VP logistics: Laura Stephenson and Sebastian Kwasiborski
VP finance: Yiqing Yu
VP external: Nwando Nwafor

The academic teams will be: Marketing and HR 

The sports will be: Volleyball, Basketball, Indoor Soccer and Dodgeball.


MBA Games is open to all MBA graduate students. NOTE: As with all case competitions, participants must either be enrolled in BUSI 5106 (Fall term) or have previously completed the Business Case Analysis course.

Recruiting & Training Schedule:

The MBA Games team is selected in September.

The MBA Games team is selected in September. Mandatory weekly training sessions, practices and workshops for academic and sport teams begin in late September and continue through December to prepare for the competition.

Sprott 2017 MBA Games Team Roster:


  • Yashaswini Jayagopal
  • Kedar Deo 
  • John Sloat
  • Phoebe Liu 


  • Anh Do Tram 
  • Sebastian Kwasiborski
  • Max Sherry
  • Phil Vaugeois