sprott deca logoDECA is an internationally renowned non-profit organization with 200,000+ members that provides delegates with the opportunity to network, enhance professional development, and succeed.  On a yearly basis, DECA U Ontario hosts the Provincials Conference, which is the largest undergraduate conference in Canada.  At the Provincials Conference, 19 universities & colleges square off against one another in categories such as Restaurant and Food Services, Marketing Management, Retail Management, and many other categories.

These delegates that come out to our conferences are the future entrepreneurs, marketers, leaders, and celebrities of tomorrow. For this reason, many companies and their representatives from corporate Canada come out to the conference to recruit, judge, sponsor categories, and network with these brilliant minds.

Sprott DECA is open to all Sprott students, and give an excellent starting point to be in Sprott Competes for first and second year Sprott students.

To find out more about Sprott DECA, visit sprottdeca.com