The case competition program at Sprott has many different training practices to help you learn and improve the skills necessary to compete at a high caliber.

By getting involved in Sprott’s case competition program, you’ll not only learn how to analyze business problems — you’ll also gain hands-on experience in presenting actionable solutions to managers. While all students work with professors and alumni (when available) to build their skills, the specific nature of the training varies by competition.

Students and teacher working on laptop

Business Case Analysis Courses

One important aspect of training and participating in Sprott Competes is enrollment in BUSI 3800. Plan ahead and ensure you are enrolled in this class.  The skills you learn can also help improve your performance in other classes.

Case Competition Team Mentoring & Practices

The pinnacle of the case learning experience is participation in a national or international case competition. Students selected for a Sprott case competition team work with a dedicated coach who is responsible for preparing the team to compete with the best from across Canada and around the world. This generally involves team and individual meetings, along with mock sessions of the competition itself. Where feasible, members of our case competition teams also have an opportunity to work with past participants and gain insight from their experience.

The time and effort required for case team training varies by competition, but the commitment in all instances is substantial. Typically, case teams train at least one day a week for an average of five hours. Training tends to be less intense in the early fall, and ramps up considerably as the competition date approaches. In the month leading up to a competition, teams train several times a week.