Sprott School of Business at Carleton University is hosting a series of alumni panels titled Navigating Your Career.

The purpose of these events is to provide alumni with the opportunity to connect with one another, share their stories, learn through the panel sessions and network.

The panel is made up of successful alumni who will share their career stories and advice about how to thrive as a professional in their select city. The first Navigating Your Career panel took place in Toronto in early May. Navigating Your Career panels are being organized for Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver in the fall.

Dean’s Research Aligns with Sprott’s Navigating Your Career Panels

Sprott School of Business’ interim dean, Linda Schweitzer, is the moderator for the Navigating Your Career panels. As a Sprott alumni, PhD/05 in Management, she has been conducting research on career patterns since 2007.

“Some of the research I’m working on now is about the career to work transition. Meaning, how do young people start in their careers. I look at how they get from high school, to university, to their first career jobs. The previous big project that we’re just finishing up on was about the career patterns of all of the different generations,” said Linda.

“We have patterns about how often people change their careers, why they did it, what kind of changes those were and frequencies. Each successive generation has changed jobs more often. Careers are in general still going up, but there is a lot of noise in a person’s career. Meaning that almost nobody has a real plan, those who have a plan almost never stick to their plans and your first job does not predict your last job.”

Linda is an associate professor of management at Sprott. Her research interests and experience moderating panels and facilitating workshops makes her an ideal moderator for the Navigating Your Career events. She said these panels are a great opportunity for Sprott alumni to create and build their networks.

She is looking forward to facilitating the upcoming Navigating Your Career panels across Canada.