Salima Valji Speaks About the Power of Networks

Founder and managing director of Unleash Digital Consulting, Salima Valji, BCom/98, was part of the Navigating Your Career –Toronto panel. Before launching her own consulting business, she worked as vice-president digital at Edelman PR and as the managing director for Sonic Boom Digital Marketing Agency.

She has experience creating eCommerce and digital marketing strategies for businesses like La Senza, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Rogers, Unilever, Deloitte and Ford Canada.

Since 2011, Salima has worked as a part-time professor at George Brown College. She teaches graduate and undergraduate marketing courses. Her classes are structured to resemble an agency so that students get experience creating marketing plans for clients. She also teaches leadership courses and is a faculty member at the Canadian Management Centre.

“No doesn’t mean never,” Salima said at the Navigating Your Career—Toronto panel. Sitting in between the other panelists, Salima shared a story from her career path. Out of university, she made it to the second round of interviews for a position at Deloitte in Ottawa. While she did not get the job, she maintained a good relationship with the recruiter and later that connection led to a job at Deloitte in Calgary.

Salima also spoke about some of the advantages and disadvantages of navigating a career in Toronto. She highlighted the importance of knowing what type of organization you want to work for and where you will excel.

“It’s about finding the right kind of organization that you’re looking for,” said Salima. “If you’re interested in the larger organizations, that’s great. If you’re interested in more the mid-sized or smaller markets, you might find that in other pockets or other parts of the country. As you’re going through your career, it’s really about understanding who am I as a person, where do I excel and where do I want to have an impact.”

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