Connections and Careers with Lydia Zorn

photo of LydiaLydia Zorn, BCom/88, is a founding partner of Insignia, a marketing research company. Since Insignia’s inception in 1990, Lydia has headed its strategic planning and qualitative practices. She is known as being a qualitative research expert, particularly in the fields of tourism and retail.

Some of her clients include Harlequin Enterprise, Campbell’s, IBM, Canadian Tire, Destination Canada, Johnson and Johnson and the Royal Ontario Museum. Lydia pioneered the Path to Purchase model that is used for travel decision making, as well as techniques that explore the emotional triggers in the subconscious mind where decisions may be made.

For work, she has taken on projects in the U.S., Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India and Europe. She is a board member of the Travel and Tourism Research Association, a member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association and a supporter of the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Lydia was on the panel at Navigating Your Career—Toronto, held at Cibo Wine Bar. Following one of the themes of the night about career paths not being linear, Lydia shared some advice: “There are ups and downs. Don’t beat yourself up.”

When Lydia started her own business, it was the contact of a former employer who became one of her first clients. Her story highlighted the power of networking and maintiaining those relationships throughout your career.

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