NYC: Toronto Panel Recap

Navigating Your Career—Toronto kicked off on Tuesday May 8 at the Cibo Wine Bar. Eugene Lundrigan, Kitty Chow, Lydia Zorn and Salima Valji were the panelists at this event.

There were three major themes of the night. The first was that networking is key in Toronto. It can be beneficial to schedule informational interviews, volunteer or join associations. The second key theme was that as a young professional, taking risks in your career can pay off. All of the panelists had taken risks in their career, including moving cities or countries. Finally, because of Toronto’s competitive nature and fast pace, do not expect that your career will take a linear route.

“My biggest takeaway was that all off the panelists jumped around in their careers,” shared the panel moderator, Linda Schweitzer, who is interim Dean of Sprott School of Business. “They were all successful and they all jumped around. We can describe a career as a set of successive seizing of opportunities as they come up—and you can’t know what opportunities you will see.”

Karen Hegmann, BCom/85 was one of the attendees at Navigating Your Career—Toronto. She said that this networking event helped her reconnect with industry leaders and fellow alumni.

“The panelists engaged us with interesting stories and experiences encountered during their own career journeys”, said Karen. “They also provided tips for both new and seasoned members of the workforce on how to handle specific career challenges. I learned that no matter what stage you’re at on your career path, the next step isn’t always exceedingly clear but it’s okay because things have a way of working out in the end.”