The Sprott School of Business strives to enact its mission through its core values of Creative, Connected and Caring. These values extend to service excellence in the way we treat our students, faculty, staff, partners and the greater community in which we serve. The Sprott Management Team plays an important role in serving these constituents while enacting the vision and mission of the School, in partnership with the groups that we serve.


  • We develop practical and innovative solutions and alternatives to the challenges of our constituents and take an understanding and adaptable approach to problem solving.
  • We continuously improve our processes and policies to ensure timely, effective and efficient delivery of service to our constituents.
  • We employ informal and formal feedback mechanisms to ensure our constituents are well-served and look for ways to improve and implement ideas and suggestions.
  • We anticipate the needs of our constituents and strive to communicate next steps in all of our encounters.


  • We are ambassadors of the Sprott School of Business and Carleton University. We strive to ensure this is reflected positively in all aspects of what we do.
  • We keep ourselves up-to-date with both University best practices and in business education and share those practices across the School.
  • We recognize the importance of collaboration, consultation and engagement and we strive to be inclusive in initiatives, decision-making and organizational change.
  • We acknowledge that our “team” is at its best when we communicate effectively, are mutually supportive and are collectively accountable in the delivery of service to our constituents.


  • We provide our constituents with the opportunity to be their absolute best.
  • We are empathetic in our delivery of service – through listening and understanding, we provide support in the best interest of our constituents and partners.
  • We treat our constituents as individuals and personalize our delivery of service to their needs.
  • We coach and mentor our constituents by providing trustworthy and credible advice.
  • We are transparent, fair and consistent in our policies and in our communications.
  • We strive to be accessible to our constituents – in person, by phone or by email – in a timely manner and provide alternative arrangements where we cannot be available.

Carleton University’s Service Excellence Standards