To be the business school of choice for students, employers, business and community stakeholders interested in exploring complex business issues. We continuously build on the innovation and core creativity of our students, staff and faculty, as one of the premiere business schools in Canada.


We strive for excellence in all that we do. Our innovative programs, interdisciplinary research, collaborative partnerships and external outreach are all strategically aligned to contribute to, influence and lead business and society by:

  • Providing students with the knowledge to compete;
  • Meeting and shaping the changing needs of business;
  • Pushing the frontiers of business knowledge;
  • Promoting intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship;
  • Building on our strong international programs;
  • Using our unique and interdisciplinary PhD program to educate the next generation of creative business researchers and educators in our research intensive culture; and
  • Adding value to society and seeking a future that is both prosperous and ethical.

At the Sprott School of Business we align our teaching, research and partnerships along three core strengths:

International Focus

We focus on Canada’s role in the global economy and offer unique experiences that expose students to a variety of languages, cultures and business practices.


In addressing social and technological change we produce graduates who seek creative approaches to existing and uncertain circumstances.

Responsible Management

We stand for sustainable management practices and develop students who respect the multiple responsibilities of organizations. We recognize the important role that organizations play in adding value to our community – local, regional, national and global.


The Sprott School of Business strives to enact its mission in line with our values of creativity, connectedness and caring.

  • Creative: At Sprott, we understand the fundamental importance of creativity and innovation, and have made them a core part of our programs, teaching, and research.
  • Connected: At Sprott, we are connected to the world, to our community, to our partners, and to the decision makers who shape the business environment.
  • Caring: At Sprott, we form strong bonds between students, alumni, faculty and staff. We believe that businesses and educators have an important social responsibility to build and support the welfare and well-being of our communities.