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The Role of Business Schools in the World Today

Our world today is characterized by deep transformation and wicked challenges that call for new ways of thinking, working and connecting with one another. Business schools have a vital role to play in this world. It is within the walls of the business school that new ideas about organizations are formed, future leaders are developed and opportunities to leverage resources for the benefit of society are created.

The Sprott School of Business is uniquely positioned to contribute to a positive future. Our potential lies first of all in who we are as a community. At Sprott, we live up to shared values of inclusivity, open-minded inquiry and genuine collaboration. We are a supportive community, demonstrating that thoughtful interpersonal connections unleash the best of human potential and excellence. The experience at Sprott shapes how we engage in the world, as leaders, researchers and citizens.

A Capital Location

Opportunities at Sprott are enhanced by our location. We are fortunate to be embedded in a dynamic university where ideas are changing the world every day. Carleton University’s strengths in teaching and research are strongly related to our location in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, a diverse and enterprising city where people work together to address the most pressing challenges in our communities and around the world. The spirit of collaboration within and beyond the borders of the university provides limitless prospects to apply knowledge for the good of humanity.

An Exceptional Education and Community

At Sprott, we provide an outstanding educational experience. We encourage our students to ground their learning journey in their own values and personal goals, and to be true to themselves. Self-awareness and the ability to respect and relate to others in a diverse world are aptitudes that businesses highly value, and are key to a successful and happy life.

Sprott students are given multiple opportunities to become aware and engage with key issues that are shaping the way that the most prominent businesses and organizations in the world operate in modern society. A Sprott education occurs within and outside of our classrooms, through our award-winning competitions, societies, co-operative learning, live business projects, new business pitches and professional engagements.

Building a Prosperous Future Together

As we approach the 75th year of our business programs at Carleton, the quality and life experiences of our alumni speak for themselves. I encourage you to learn more about our graduates and current students. The strength of our ties within the global Sprott community speaks volumes.

I have the pleasure of just starting my tenure as Dean at the Sprott School of Business and look forward to building on the deeply rooted values, knowledge and connections that characterize our community. I hope you will join me in continuing strong traditions, creating new ideas and building a prosperous future for all.

Professor Dana Brown
Dean, Sprott School of Business

Professor Dana Brown, dean of the Sprott School of Business