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Yet again, I was saving writing a post for a rainy day mostly because this February weather is much too nice to spend cooped up inside. My Canadian people will probably be scratching their heads at that because it’s been ranging from cold to really cold back home while here, it’s been a very nice 5-14 degrees Celsius. Not only is it raining today (and for the rest of the week), but it also snowed early February!! Yes! Real, fluffy, white snow! Funny story about that coming up soon!

In my last post, I divided my experience into 3 categories; school, travel and other. Considering the semester is only one month in, I don’t have much to say other than exams were hard and I’m really enjoying my courses this semester. So instead, I’ll go by month and pick only the best for you to read about. So as usual, grab a snack and get really comfy!

Note: I will be posting individual blog posts for each of the trips because there is waaaay too much information to put in one post.


Panorama of Plaza Mayor in Sevilla

Panorama of Plaza Mayor in Sevilla

  • Trip to Cordóba and Sevilla November 9 -12. Sevilla is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen and Cordóba has an enormous Mosque with – plot twist – a giant Cathedral INSIDE! If you plan on visiting Spain, I would not miss out on the opportunity to see these two cities which are only an hour away from each other (4 – 5 hours south of Madrid)
  • FINALLY had my first chocolate y churros experience at San Gines restaurant which is famous for the dish #Delicious
churros on a plate with chocolate in a cup

Chocolat y churros at San Gines

  • Stumbled upon “Km. 0” which is the exact center of Spain located in Puerta del Sol
a stone on the floor of km. 0 in Puerta del Sol

km. 0 in Puerta del Sol


  • Ate a pizza that was 2 meters long at a restaurant that specializes in making long pizzas for groups of friends
  • Found an adorable cat café where you have a coffee or tea and pet cats for an hour at a time (I also made friends with a bunch of cats)
  • The Christmas decorations in Puerta del Sol were up and looking absolutely stunning at nighttime where the lights would brighten up the entire plaza
A Christmas tree made up of lights at night

Christmas “tree” in Puerta del Sol

  • I can successfully say that I have found the greatest mojito in Madrid at this really chill bar called “El Imperfecto”. It’s a great environment with flags from all around the world, good music and great cocktails
  • Took a day trip to the town of Segovia (an hour train ride northwest of Madrid) With Utah and Lukas to see the Aquaducts and the castle that Sleeping Beauty was based on
Me sitting on the wall by the aqua ducts in Segovia

Me sitting on the wall by the aqua ducts in Segovia

  • I was lucky enough to be able to go home for the holidays to spend Christmas with my family and New Years with my boyfriend


  • Visited Toledo with Utah for a day where we literally wandered all day with no set destination or game plan
church tower in Toledo

Church in Toledo

  • Finished first semester of school
  • Got a new tattoo of my absolute favourite animal in the whole wide world: the polar bear!!!
  • Unfortunately, had to say goodbye to my best friends Utah and Lukas who were only in Madrid for one semester ☹ it was a sad day


  • Second semester started (LOVE my classes…so far)
  • An art exhibit was being promoted in Plaza Mayor so there was a gorgeous “knot art” hanging in the square
Knot-art in Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Knot-art in Plaza Mayor, Madrid

  • IT SNOWED- funny story; it started snowing on my way to school around 10:15 in the morning and there was approximately 2 inches of snow when I finished class at 13:00 with giant snowflakes falling the entire time. My fellow Canadian and I decided to meet up at the library to do some work and talk about the snow. About five minutes after we logged on to the computers, the librarian approached us and said that the university is shutting down until further notice because there is too much snow! Greatest day of the year! I called my mom to tell her about my happiness and made an Instagram post with the caption, ‘2˚ 2 inches of snow. Two days of classes cancelled due to “dangerous weather conditions”’
Ali dancing in the snow on campus

Playing in the snow on Campus of Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

As I mentioned, I’ll be writing mini posts about the individual trips if you’d like to get a deeper sense of the places I’ve visited. Cordóba and Sevilla has been my favourite trip so far but I’ve planned a trip to Italy and Portugal in the coming months so who knows!

To future BIB explorers; I’m not going to lie to you, these past few months have been really tough; saying goodbye to good friends, missing all the birthdays in my family, starting fresh, and leaving my family and friends (again) after Christmas to be alone again. I was told about this by the people before me and I’m telling you now; it does get better- the loneliness is only temporary. My advice is to find something to look forward to, no matter the size, to help you get out there and make the most of it. If you can’t find something, make something happen.

Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock – Hannah Montana y’all!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so get out there and make your future self proud to say you did it!

To my loving and supportive friends and family; daaaang I miss you guys. Thank you to everyone who made my Christmas and New Years so special. I am safe, happy, healthy and enjoying all Spain has to offer me. I love you all so much and in a few short months, I’ll be back to make your lives crazy again! So enjoy the peace and quiet; it wont last forever 😉

-The Hobbit Chica

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