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When I first told my family and friends that I would be moving to Colombia for a year for my university studies, they were both excited and nervous for me. With their unconditional love and support, I jumped on a one-way flight to Bogota and have begun my adventure.

Charlotte prepares to leave for Colombia.

With 2 suitcases and 1 40L backpack, I’m all set!

After being here for only a week, Bogota has completely blown my mind. The people here are absolutely incredible. Colombians are warm-hearted, welcoming you into their homes, helping you find your way around the city and being patient when foreigners are trying to use the native language. I was very lucky and met a local Colombian girl via another exchange student at Carleton. She and her mother were there to pick me up from the airport and take me to my apartment.

Charlotte with a friend in Colombia

My Colombian friend Camila.

I currently live with five other exchange students in a neighbourhood called Chapinero. It’s a lively area with night life, cute cafes, groceries, etc. One of my most favourite things to do is to explore and find new places that are close to my home. The students I live with are all from Europe: one from Italy, one from Holland and two from Denmark. I chose to live with other exchange students rather than locals or alone because we would all be experiencing this new city together and so far, it’s been a smart choice.

Living wall in the library at CESA.

In regards to the school itself, it’s beautiful and quite close to my house. The campus has features similar to a castle while some of the newer buildings are innovative and modern. One building even has a slide going from the top floor to the bottom. I haven’t started class yet but I intend on taking 3 classes in English and 2 in Spanish. While it may be a bit intimidating to jump right into a lecture in Spanish, I think it’s best to perfect my Spanish as quickly as possible.

As I am now settled in and know what is what, I plan on making the most of each and every single day. After all, the opportunity to live in another country doesn’t come around very often. I look forward to sharing all of my stories and offering advice. Also, check out my personal blog, for continuous updates!

Charlotte is a Bachelor of International Business student who is currently studying abroad in Bogota, Colombia. 

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    Well….have you been on the slide yet? Ist thing I would have done

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