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outside the mansion that has stonework at the bottom and a carved wooden sign for Casa Herradu

Casa Herradu (the mansion)

Last weekend we went on a tequila tour, which ended with a pool party at a mansion in Guadalajara. We visited Casa Herradura, which is the most famous tequila factory in Jalisco. This place looked nothing like a factory, but more like an old estate. The tour was run by Tec, and its a trip that students take every semester. Jalisco, the state that I am currently in is known as one of the most famous tequila producers in the world. The trip was organized by the International student team (Triple W), in order to give us a look into the tequila making process and industry here in México. Tourist, as well as locals participate in the tequila tours throughout the year. This is one of the most popular sites to visit in Jalisco.

Tequila bottles on the assembly line getting sealed

The bottling process

We had an amazing tour guide who showed us the entire process of making tequila, from the gathering of the plant, to the botteling of the actual tequila. I never knew that there were so many different kinds of tequila! It was quite fascinating. The factory kept the look and feel of the origional buildings, so it felt as if you had stepped back in time with the cobble stone paths, wooden ovens and low ceilings.

Old stone arched and wood ovens

Wooden ovens used back in the day!

We then had the opportunity to do some tasting and visit the gift shop!  Afterwards, we had lunch at a Mansion in Guadalajara and enjoyed an afternnon of great music and great company. It is impossible to explain the beauty of the casa in words, so I will leave you all with some pictures!

an agave plant still in the ground before it's harvested.

The agave plant

A garden of agave plants ready to be harvested

More agave plants!

An employee cutting the heart of the Agave plant with a shovel

The heart of the Agave plant being cut

A pile of cut and cleaned hearts of agave plant outside the plant

A pile of cut and cleaned hearts of the agave plants

a barrel outside the tequila factory in front of a steamer door

A barrel and steamer

Until next time,

Priya  🙂

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