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It’s been two weeks since I have moved to México! This year I am attending Tec de Monterrey (Guadalajara campus). From the moment I landed in Guadalajara, I was taken aback by the beauty of the city. Everywhere you turn, there is so much history and nature. History and architect have always been two things that have fascinated me. I am beyond excited to start this new adventure, and to be able to share it with all our readers!

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The Business building at TEC de Monterrey

Where Am I Living?

I made the decision to live in the external residence, because of the long commute from the student housing to campus. With the average travel time ranging from 45 minutes to an hour and a half on a good day and the possibility of classes at 7 a.m, I didn’t want to take the risk of running late. I like my sleep, so being able to get up a half hour before classes sounded perfect to me. When I arrived at the residence, I was in shock. I’ve lived in res for the last three years at Carleton and this was completely different. There are 4 towers and each has 3 floors with 2 “apartments ” in each. These apartments are huge! We have four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, huge walk in closets and a full kitchen. I’m a person who loves to cook, so I was extremely happy when I saw this. The students living here are both international and local students, so it’s a great mix!

The Campus and My Classes

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The TEC de Monterrey Campus

The campus is beautiful, from the architecture of the buildings, to the most recent technology. As you can see from my pictures, the campus has a wonderful nature-enhanced atmosphere. You can find palm trees, flowers and water fountains everywhere. The athletics facilities here are state of the art, and all the classrooms are equipped with the latest technology. The school offers a whole bunch of extracurricular activities for free, ranging from ballet, belly dancing, baking, cooking, salsa, bachata, guitar, acting, and photography to stage makeup and even dj classes. On campus, you can find many great places to eat. There are little stands that have Méxican food and they even have a Starbucks and a Subway. I am currently taking business, law and Spanish classes. All my classes have about 20 students each, which I really do like. The professors are amazing and will go out of their way to make each class interesting and interactive.

A Warm Welcome

The International Student team here at Tec is amazing! From the day I arrived, they have always been around to lend a helping hand and organize events, like an amazing welcome with a mariachi band, to the Weekend trip to a resort in Puerto Vallarta, to the fun nights out in town! There are about 250 international students this semester. We have people from France, Germany, South America, Australia and China!


As I mentioned, I always have my camera with me and love to capture the moment. So here are some pictures that will show you the beauty and culture of my new home!

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The training pool

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Artistic fountains can be found everywhere in Guadalajara, many follow the Spanish and Arab styles.

Until next time,

Priya 🙂

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