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First Six Weeks (W1)

Course Title Instructor
ACCT 5012 A Performance Measurement & Cont Becker, Hilary
ACCT 5013 D Finan Rprt & Cntrl in Pblc Org Pollanen, Raili
FINA 5502 A/D Corporate Finance Zabolotnyuk, Yuriy
IBUS 5714 D Buyer Behaviour in Int’l Markets Rojas-Mendez, José
MGMT 5116 A Managing Performance Shaukat, Rumaisa
MGMT 5117 D Knowledge Management Shaukat, Rumaisa
TOMS 5302 A Operations Management Uma Kumar
TOMS 5302 D Operations Management Uma Kumar
TOMS 5314 D Supply Chain Management Saroj Koul

Second Six Weeks (W2)

Course Title Instructor
ACCT 5011 D Financial Statement Analysis Jarecsni, John
ACCT 5014 A Finan Corp Governance & Account Pangarkar, Ajay
FINA 5512 D Valuation Otchere, Isaac
IBUS 5711 D International Market & Trade
IBUS 5712 D BUSI & Gov’t in Emerging Economies Kiggundu, Moses
IBUS 5715 D Foreign Markets: Selection, Assessment & Entry Strategies Peippo, David
ITIS 5401 A/D Fundamentals of IT Service Mgmt Grant, Gerry
ITIS 5403 D ICT for development Grant, Gerry
ITIS 5431 A Business Analytics for Managers Ramirez, Alex
MGMT 5111 A Conflict & Negotiation Dyke, Lorraine
MGMT 5113 D Managing Terms  Maria Rasouli
TOMS 5305 A Int’l Developmental  Projects Preparation & Formulation  Nipa Banerjee

Twelve Weeks (W1/W2)

Course Title Instructor
MKTG 5200 A/D Marketing Strategy Ritchie, Robin
STGY 5900 D Corporate & Business Strategy Ierfino-Blachford, Laura