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Programs/MBA/International Business

The Sprott MBA International Business concentration enables managers to navigate the increasingly complex and turbulent international environment faced by all organizations. In this concentration, you’ll gain the tools necessary to analyze international organizations, international markets and their broader contexts.

Experience in international business is an increasingly critical requirement for business managers. With recent shifts in global manufacturing and trade patterns, most businesses – whether big or small – have suppliers, allies and competitors with foreign roots and international aspirations. To compete successfully in foreign markets, you must understand the motivations of your partners, competitors and customers. Not only do you need to consider the positions taken by foreign firms but also the cultural values which guide their perceptions.

Graduates of the International Business concentration will be equipped to:

  • Undertake international postings in the United States or overseas.
  • Work in international management positions within Canada, such as in exporting departments, in firms with operations abroad.
  • Work as consultants or in management positions focusing on such areas as exporting, importing, foreign market development or investment, or international HR management.
  • Build a strategic career profile by acquiring international experience of the kind that is an important consideration in contemporary companies for moves to senior executive positions.
  • Work as consultants or in management with the numerous NGOs and government departments or agencies that focus on international affairs.


The International Business courses address several core issues, including the role of culture in international management and marketing, regional versus global strategies, emerging economies, mergers and acquisitions, as well as cross-border supply chains.

For course descriptions, please refer to Carleton’s Graduate Calendar

Note: The Web edition of the Carleton University Graduate Calendar is the University’s official statement. Not all courses listed are offered in a given year. For an up-to-date statement of course offerings for the current session and to determine the term of offering, consult the class schedule at

Compulsory core courses (4.25 credits)

View list of Sprott MBA core courses.

Concentration courses (2.25 credits)

Course code Course title Credit
IBUS 5711 International Marketing and Trade 0.25
IBUS 5712 Business and Government in Emerging Economies 0.25
IBUS 5713 Doing Business in the United States 0.25
IBUS 5714 Buyer Behaviour in International Markets 0.25
IBUS 5715 Foreign Market Selection, Assessment, and Entry Strategies 0.25
IBUS 5716 Management of International Business 0.25
IBUS 5721 Regional and Global Business Strategies Concentration Integration 0.25
TOMS 5314 Supply Chain Management 0.25
FINA 5514 International Finance 0.25

Elective courses (1.0 credit)

Electives can be selected from:

  • courses in other concentrations or
  • from the following list of additional electives in the calendar:
Course Code  Course Title Credit
BUSI 5106 Business Case Analysis and Presentations 0.25
BUSI 5108 Sustainable Business Development 0.25
BUSI 5906 Special Topics – (see below) 0.25
FINA 5515 Micro Finance 0.50
ITIS 5403 ICT for Development 0.25
TOMS 5303 Managing Projects 0.25

Two new electives have been added this year that were previously offered as Special Topics courses:

BUSI 5106 [0.25 credit] Offered F1
Business Case Analysis and Presentations
Introduction to, and practical application of, the methods and tools of rigorous business case analysis and the design of strategic responses, including the preparation and delivery of presentations designed to convince decision makers of the validity of the analysis and strategic response.

Prerequisite(s): None

Please note that in addition to helping you succeed in the MBA program and your career, the Business Case Analysis course (BUSI 5106) will be required for any student wishing to participate in case competitions. Sprott MBA students compete annually in a variety of case competitions which are supported by a faculty-led program called Sprott Competes. Case competitions are often a program highlight for participating students so we would encourage you to consider getting involved.

BUSI 5108 [0.25 credit] Offered F1
Sustainable Business Development
An integration of sustainable business strategies examining corporate perspectives on environmental and social issues, and the implications on stakeholder management strategies. Students will apply concepts of sustainable business development in analyzing successful and flawed organizational strategies drawn from current business literature.

Prerequisite(s): None

In addition we will be offering one new Special Topics course this year:

BUSI 5906 A [0.25 credit] Offered F2
Special Topic: Innovating for the Green Economy

This course integrates innovation management principles for sustainable products, services and technology development. The focus is on design thinking principles for economic, social and environmental innovations. Students will apply concepts of sustainable business innovations to formulate and implement strategies for organizations in the green economy.

Prerequisite(s): None

Students who have less than two years of professional management work experience must successfully complete the MBA Internship Program as a graduation requirement.

MBA Internship (1.0 credit)

Course code Course title Credit
BUSI 5999 Internship 1.0