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How it works

In order to satisfy the program requirement, a minimum of 480 hours (equivalent to 14 weeks @ 7 hours per day) is required. Please note that this is the minimum requirement and MAcc students in the full-time stream are available to work full-time from September to April. Nearly 100% of students complete 8 month work-terms. Students in our part-time stream study in the evenings and are therefore available to work full-time throughout the program (September to August).

If you have a position you would like to make available for our students, we can coordinate the posting on our mySprott career portal. We will track the applicants for you and send a package of applications once the posting closes.
We will also coordinate an interview schedule on your behalf.

In order to post a position, we simply need the following information:

  • Job Title
  • Basic job description
  • Requirements/what you are looking for in an ideal candidate
  • Length of term (4 or 8 month)
  • Location
  • Contact person/contact information
  • Whether you prefer to conduct interviews on campus or at your organization
  • Any additional info or special requirements.

Positions are made available to our students in early May, following our annual MAcc Wine & Cheese recruiting event. Please contact Jessica Windle for details on specific timing of the hiring process.

Students must successfully complete Internship course deliverables, which include:

  • providing a copy of their letter of offer (View sample offer letter template.)
  • returning a signed copy of the Internship Agreement
  • facilitating an on-site meeting with the Intern and supervisor
  • requesting that their supervisor complete a short mid-term and end-of term evaluation.
  • Preparing a final report that relates their work experience to course work they have completed in the MAcc program.

*It is the responsibility of the Intern to notify their Supervisor of these deliverables and their corresponding deadlines.

View a Sample of Recent Employers 


In Ontario, mandatory internships have flexibility with regards to compensation. The majority of our students secure paid positions however some students have benefited from unpaid experiences with non-profit organizations. Rate of pay is at the discretion of the employer and negotiated with the student.

As general guidance:

Treasury Board rates of pay for Master level students range from $17.92 to $22.54 per hour as of January 1, 2014.


The Internship has been approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC) as a co-op program, which means employers receive the same tax credit as they would if hiring a co-op student. Please note that only the fall term is eligible for the tax credit as the winter term is considered optional.

MAcc Career Services

We provide a variety of services tailored to MAcc students to ensure they are confident and well prepared for a successful employment search, interview process and career transition.

Our services include:

  • Job postings for MAcc internships and career opportunities
  • One-on-one employment/career advising sessions
  • Targeted resume and cover letter review
  • Mock interviews
  • Employment search workshops
  • Access to Sprott’s career web portal to view/apply to job postings
  • Employer information sessions
  • Employer/student networking events