Developing and Executing your Communication Plan

This interactive workshop is designed to inform, train and inspire professionals interested in increasing the efficacy of their communications efforts and/or to improve their knowledge of the field so they can work more effectively with communicators in their organization.

Managers realize greater return on their investment in communications, be that internal or external, everyday or extraordinary, when they understand the theories behind effective communications endeavors. When communications goals and activities support corporate goals, everyone benefits – communicators, bosses and stakeholders.

Program Content

  • Effective communications planning
  • Review of public relations and the family of communications tools and techniques
  • The RACE Formula (Research, Analyze, Communicate, Evaluate) – the backbone of effective planning for any strategic communications effort
  • Case studies from simple to complex illustrate lecture details and challenge students to apply the information to real life situations. These hands-on assignments bring theory to life
  • Shopping Basket of Tools
  • Getting something for nearly nothing
  • Selecting the right vehicle for your needs – is it an event or a press conference, a new logo or a survey?
  • Combining one-way communication (lecturing) with two-way (peer and facilitator feedback, as well as Q&A time), students gain by listening, observing and practicing. A brief pre-class assignment plus homework between the two days maximizes and personalizes return-on-investment for every student.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers with no formal communications or marketing education including those who work with in-house or outsourced communications teams
  • Employees who aspire to management positions – people recently assigned to marketing or public relations of community awareness as part of their job description
  • Business consultants who want to demystify the communications process

What You Will Learn

  • An overview of strategic communications planning – what it is, why and how it works
  • The ins and outs of analyzing communications challenges through case study work
  • An understanding of your communications management ability and how it can be improved
  • Tips, techniques and resources to help you immediately in your work environment

Course Dates

  • TBD


$1195 + HST

The price includes:

  • Refreshments
  • Lunches
  • Course material
  • Certificate of completion

This course is also available for in-house management training

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