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SCSE/CSES will serve as a forum for researchers and as a catalyst for research opportunities for professors, researchers and students. It will also ensure that the most up-to-date knowledge in the social enterprise field is disseminated directly to practitioners in the area.

The Centre has released two new reports that look at fundraising in Canada. 

Streams of research for SCSE/CSES

Social entrepreneurship

Field of study interested in the variety of activities and processes used to create and sustain social value, including the use of more entrepreneurial and innovative approaches, and constrained by the external environment.
Research coordinator: François Brouard

Social marketing

Field of study interested in the use of marketing to achieve social missions and goals.
Research coordinator: Robin Ritchie

Social finance

Field of study interested in the use of finance to achieve social missions and goals.
Research coordinator: Tessa Hebb

Nonprofit management

Field of study interested by the management of nonprofit organizations.
Research coordinator: Leighann Neilson

Social responsibility

Field of study interested in socially responsible behaviors from organizations and managers
Research coordinator: Ruth McKay

Research projects envisioned or underway

  • Arts management
  • Child Sponsorship Program advertising appeals
  • Citizen involvement and social entrepreneurship
  • Clarification of definitions of social enterprise, social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Cultural and heritage management
  • Evaluation of social marketing sponsorships
  • Financing social enterprises
  • Governance of social enterprises
  • Hospitality and tourism management
  • Microcredit in western countries
  • Performance and risk measurement
  • Performance measurement for social enterprises
  • Social marketing and anti-doping
  • Sponsorship
  • Study of white-collar crime
  • Tax policy for social enterprises
  • Typology of social enterprises
  • Workplace bullying