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Series Topics

The Crucial Conversations for Women in Management series is part of the Distance Education initiative to reach out to women who might not be able to attend the Management Certificate for Women program in person. This series will offer women opportunities to learn about key topics addressing issues relevant to women in management.

Select each topic to learn more.

  1. The Art of Possibility and Transformational Leadership
  2. Who Are You As A Leader in the World?
  3. Women and Work-Life Integration
  4. Negotiating and Resolving Conflicts
  5. EQ and Self-Awareness as a Leader
  6. Innovation and Intelligent Risk-Taking
  7. Strategy and Vision: Looking Around Corners
  8. Strategic Communications and Relationships
  9. Values and Culture
  10. Powerful Networks
  11. Coaching, Mentoring and Teamwork
  12. The Future of Canada and Your Leadership