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Lu, I. R. R., Kwan, E., Thomas, D. R. and M. Cedzynski (2011), “Two new methods for estimating structural equation models: An illustration and a comparison with two established methods”, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 28(3), 258-268.

Lu, I. R. R., Thomas, D. R., and E. Kwan (2009), “The comparison of Component- and Covariance-based Structural Equation Modeling Approaches: Bias and Confidence Interval Coverage”, 16th International Meeting of the Psychometric Society, Cambridge, U.K.

Lu, I. R. R., Heslop, L.A. and D.R. Thomas (2008), “Measuring country image: A research proposal”. Annual Conference of Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Marketing Division, Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 24-27.

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