Dr. Alejandro Ramirez

Associate Professor
  • Degrees: PhD in Administration - Information Systems (Concordia University) Master of Science - Operations Research & Industrial Engineering (Syracuse University) Bachelor of Science (ITESM Monterrey)
  • Office: 1722 Dunton Tower
  • Email:
  • Phone: 613-520-2600 x2397
  • Fax: 613-520-2532
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Alex Ramirez is an Associate Professor working in the Information Systems Area. He is an active member of ACM, SIGCHI, SIGLink, SIGED; InfORMS, AIS, ASAC, and MBAA International. His research interests are Introduction, Evaluation and Adoption of Emergent Information Technologies in Organizations – Social Software and Web 2.0 Applications – Decision Support Systems – Phenomenology of Information

Publications and Research Files

Doyle, J., Heslop, L., Ramirez, A., and D. Cray (2012), “Trust intentions in readers of blogs”, Management Research Review Special Issue on Social Media, forthcoming.

Doyle, J., Heslop, L., Ramirez, A., Cray, D. and A. Armenakyan (2012), “Trust building in wine blogs: a content analysis”, International Journal of Wine Business Research, forthcoming.

Cray, D., Doyle, J., Heslop, L. and A. Ramirez (2012), “Culture on Attitudes toward Blog and Bloggers”, MBAA International 2012, forthcoming.

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