Dr. Steven Muegge

Associate Professor
  • Degrees: Ph.D. in Management (Carleton University), M.Eng. in Telecommunications Technology Management (Carleton University), B.Eng. in Engineering Physics (McMaster University), PMP (Project Management Professional; Project Management Institute)
  • Office: 307 St Patricks
  • Email: steven_muegge@carleton.ca
  • Phone: 613-520-2600 x6804

Dr. Steven Muegge is an associate professor at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. He teaches, conducts research, and supervises graduate students within the Sprott entrepreneurship area group and Carleton’s Technology Innovation Management program, and actively promotes entrepreneurship and innovation within the broader community.

Dr. Muegge leads an active research program in technology entrepreneurship and commercialization. One stream of current research examines non-traditional settings for innovation, including interconnected systems of business ecosystems, communities of users and developers, and industry platforms outside the control of any single company. A second stream examines the business models of technology entrepreneurs who create new companies and develop new products and services within these settings. Both streams are directly relevant to promoting economic prosperity for Canada and the National Capital Region, and to building differentiation and advantage for entrepreneurs and their companies.

Results of Dr. Muegge’s research feature prominently throughout Canada’s National Capital Region – in the design of the award-winning Lead To Win ecosystem, the Venus Cybersecurity Corporation and the Carleton-led Accelerator, in the structure and curriculum of the Lead To Win bootcamp, and in the business models of hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Publications and Research Files

Reid, E., & Muegge, S. M. 2014. Lean product development in the commercial space era. Poster presentation at the 65th International Astronautical Congress (IAC, September 29-October 3, Toronto, Canada).

Bailetti, T., Weiss, M., Muegge, S. M., & Westerlund, M. 2014.  An ecosystem approach to making universities more entrepreneurial. University-Industry Interaction Conference (April 23-25 2014, Barcelona, Spain)

Muegge, S. M., & Grant, G. G. 2013. An institutional perspective on participation in business ecosystems, communities, and platforms. Presented at the Academy of Management 2013 Annual Meeting (AoM 2013, August 9-13, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA).

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