Ian Lee

Assistant Professor

Ian Lee earned his Ph.D. in Public Policy at Carleton University in 1989. Ian has taught Strategic Management since 1988 at Carleton University as well as having taught the strategic management course for Carnegie Mellon, University of Washington, University of Pittsburgh, SUNY Buffalo, University of Calgary, Dalhousie, Carleton, UQAM and the University of Ottawa, for EMBA programs in China, Poland, Romania, Iran, Cuba, Latvia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia. From 2001 to 2003 he taught strategy at California State University at Monterey (near Pebble Beach and Carmel one hour south of Silicon Valley).

Prior to returning for his PhD, he was employed for almost 10 years in the financial services sector as a loan manager in consumer, mortgage and commercial credit for an American multinational and subsequently the Bank of Montreal. After completing his Masters degree, he was employed in the head office of Canada Post as a financial policy analyst. While completing his doctoral studies, he was employed for a summer in the Privy Council Office (supports the Prime Minister and cabinet) in the Machinery of Government Directorate.

Ian has completed consulting work with the World Bank, CIDA, Coca Cola and France Telecom. He has also been an invited lecturer to various countries. In addition, he provided expert commentary conducting over 500 interviews with various media which include CBC, CTV, Global, Wall Street Journal, Globe and Mail and the National Post. He has testified before committees of the Canadian House of Commons. In 1993, he was a candidate for a major political party in the Canadian general election in Ottawa Centre.

Publications and Research Files

Lee, I. (2012), “Heads versus hearts: the ongoing debate over corporate income tax in Canada”, forthcoming in B. Doern, How Ottawa spends, McGill-Queens Press.

Lee, I. (2011), “Myths and Urban Legends concerning Crime in Canada”, MacDonald-Laurier Institute, Ottawa, Canada.

Lee, I. (2011), “Why Greece & Portugal must leave the Eurozone”, Sprott Finance Faculty Student Association, Carleton University, Oct. 26.

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