Dr. Moses Kiggundu


Moses N. Kiggundu is Professor of Management and International Business at the Sprott School of Business.

Dr. Kiggundu is the founding editor of the Africa Journal of Management, published by Taylor & Francis for the Africa Academy of Management.

His research focuses on the challenges and opportunities of managing globalization and creating conditions for the development of a competitive economy and open and inclusive society in developing countries and emerging economies. He is interested in the study of conceptual and practical questions of building state and non-state capacities in open societies for the facilitation of effective and gainful participation in the global economy.

For over 30 years, Dr. Kiggundu has worked with multinational companies, United Nations and international organizations, as well as Canadian and foreign governments on a range of issues. He serves as Advisor to the African Capacity Building Foundation, which is responsible for developing human and institutional capacities on a regional basis.

He has published over 50 conference papers, journal publications, book chapters and several books, including Managing Organizations in Developing Countries: An Operational and Strategic Approach (Kumerian Press, 1989) and Managing Globalization in Developing Countries and Transition Economies (Greenwood 2002).

Dr. Kiggundu is cross-appointed to the Institute of African Studies at Carleton University.

Publications and Research Files

Kiggundu, M.N., “Anti-poverty and progressive social change in Brazil: Lessons for other emerging economies”, International Review of Administrative Sciences (IRAS) (under review).

Kiggundu, M.N. “Canadian and Chinese Aid to Africa: Proposal for Strategic Alliances”. Book chapter in Problems, Promises and Paradoxes of Aid: Africa‚Äôs Experience. To be published by Cornell University and the University of Cape Town Press (in Press).

Kiggundu, M.N. (2011), “Personal Reflections on African Management: Looking in, looking out and looking ahead”, Keynote Address at the Inaugural Conference of the Africa Academy of Management (affiliate of the Academy of Management), San Antonio, Texas, USA, August 10. Received First Annual Trailblazer Award for contributions to African Management research and scholarship.

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