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Competition dates: October 11-28, 2016 (qualifying round)
January 19-21, 2017 (final round)
Recruiting begins: April
Location: Kingston, ON
Coaches: Prof. Emily Gray (Accounting), Prof. Erin Oldford (Finance), Prof. Linda Schweitzer (Business Policy), Prof. Robin Ritchie (Marketing), Vilma Coutino-Hill (Human Resources)

The 2017 teams are as follows:


  • Chongo Bwalya
  • Filip Buljan

Business Policy

  • Sonia Fendt
  • Isabela Murillo
  • Adam Webb


  • Carlos Cantafio
  • Adam Lopez

Human Resources

  • Jacky Duong
  • Kristen Gough


  • Jacqueline De Sousa
  • Liam Gravely

The Inter-Collegiate Business Competition is hosted annually by Queen’s University’s School of Business. Founded in 1979, it is Canada’s oldest and largest national business competition for undergraduates. The final round is held in January, and provides an exceptional opportunity for participants to challenge themselves and network. Leaders from Canada’s business community judge this round of competition, ensuring that all participants receive high quality feedback.

ICBC holds competitions in eight categories: accounting, business policy, debate, ethics, finance, human resources, marketing, and management of information systems.  Students participate in teams of two or three, depending on the subject area.  The first round of competition is held in the fall, and takes the form of a written case analysis completed over four weeks at each team’s home university.  The top five Canadian teams from the opening round – along with the top international team – are then invited to the final round in January, where teams receive a new case and have 5½ hours to analyze and prepare a presentation.

For more information, visit the ICBC website.


ICBC is open to all BCom and BIB 3rd and 4th year business students.  (Students who will complete their degree requirements in December are eligible to compete.)  NOTE: Participants must have previously completed BUSI 3800 or, in exceptional cases, be enrolled in the course during the Fall term.

Recruiting & Training Schedule:

If you are interested in participating in ICBC, please check back in the spring. Team selection is done in late March, early April.

Preparation takes place over the summer on a predominantly self-directed basis, with more formal training beginning in September. If a team advances to the final round, additional training takes place in December.

Past Accomplishments

At ICBC 2016, the Sprott MIS team of Chris Rozon and Kevin Pei took home first place, the Sprott Finance team of Rob Curtis and Brian Ho took home second place, the Sprott Accounting team of Michael Hidden and Alex Pilon took home third place, and the Sprott Business Policy team of Gwynne Cunningham, Arya Abawi and Karen Tran took home third place.

At ICBC 2015, the Sprott team of Arya Abawi and Karen Tran took home second place in Management of Information Systems.

At ICBC 2013, the Sprott team of Max Melekhovets and Sarah Nichols took home first place in Management Information Systems. Our team of Chris Sauve and Cara Broschell won second place in Accounting.

Sprott’s 2016-2017 ICBC Team Roster:

Accounting Finance Marketing Business Policy Human Resources
Filip Buljan Carlos Cantofino Jacqueline De Sousa Isabela Murillo Jacky Duong
Chongo Bwalya Adam Lopez Liam Gravely Sonia Fendt Kristen Gough
Adam Webb